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How to close GITMO detention center?

How do we close the detention center at GITMO, given that both candidates say it must be closed? Given the legal prohibition on repatriating people to countries that will torture them, surely some prisoners will be left that the military considers too dangerous to simply release and that we can not send away. For a variety of reasons, I believe that we should try as many of the remainder as possible in our regular criminal courts. But, surely, there will be some individuals who can not be tried in federal district court without revealing invaluable sources and methods, even with the classified informtaion procedures act. Thus, I believe that some few must be tried by military commissions. But, I hope that their number will be few.

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Why no attack for seven years?

Last week marked the seventh anniversary of the most recent attack by al Qaeda on U.S. soil. What accounts for that? What policies should the next administration continue? Was there a U.S. government policy that prevented attacks — like perhaps denying Afghanistan as a base for “The Base” to launch attacks on U.S. soil — […]


Sep 16th, 2008 Uncategorized