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Hamdan appeal to be heard by full US military commissions review court

In an article entitled "Hamdan appeal to be heard by full US military commissions review court," dated September 4, 2010, Jurist reports that the US Court of Military Commission Review, not a smaller panel,  will hear en banc an appeal by Salim Ahmed Hamdan, former Osama Bin Laden driver. The decision was released late on September 3, 2010 in a one-page order given to Hamdan's attorneys. 

In 2008, Hamdan was convicted of providing material support for terrorism and sentenced to 66 months of imprisonment but given credit for the 60 months he had already spent in US custody. In 2006, Hamdan successfully challenged the military commission system when the Supreme Court ruled that the commission system as initially constructed violated US and international law compelling the passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. 

For the full text of the Jurist article, click here. For additional information, see the Miami Herald article published Friday here

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