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U.S. Debates Response to Targeted Killing Lawsuit

In a New York Times article entitled "U.S. Debates Response to Targeted Killing Lawsuit," published September 15, 2010, the Obama administration is revealed to be divided in its efforts to block a lawsuit over government efforts to kill an American citizen accused of ties to al Qaeda. 

The suit, filed in August, seeks an injunction to prevent the targeted killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric who stands accused of playing a lead role in Yemen for al Qaeda. 

Jack Goldsmith, a former senior Justice Department lawyer in the Bush administration, is quoted in the article:

"There are a lot of cross-cutting things going on here, and they have to be very careful about how they litigate this. It's not just a question of winning the case. There is the public diplomacy side, and there are implications for everything else they are doing in the war on terrorism: detention and targeting and other things, too, I imagine."

For the full text of the article, which discusses the administration's potential legal arguments – including invocation of the state secrets doctrine, an issue adjudicated by the Ninth Circuit earlier this month – click here

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