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Canadian at Gitmo Faces Trial or Possible Plea

The New York Times reports, in an article entitled "Canadian at Gitmo Pleads Guilty to All Charges," that Omar Khadr, a Canadian accused of killing an American soldier as a teenage al-Qaeda militant, pleaded guilty Monday as part of a deal that avoids a war crimes trial for someone labeled a "child soldier" by his defenders. Khadr pleaded to five charges including murder, for throwing a grenade that mortally wounded the soldier during a fierce raid on al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan in 2002. Khadr also admitted to planting improvised explosive devices and receiving weapons training from the terrorist network. 

Khadr now faces a military jury for a sentencing hearing that is expected to last several days. The panel cannot impose a sentence more severe than the plea agreement. Defense attorneys posit that he was a child soldier pushed into militancy by his father who was killed in Pakistan after his son's capture, and that killing a soldier during a firefight does not amount to a war crime.

He faced a possible life sentence at his trial, scheduled to start this past Monday.

For the full text of this morning's article, click here.

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