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Candid Talks by Detainee Were Caught on U.S. Tapes

The New York Times reports in an article entitled "Candid Talks by Detainee Were Caught on U.S. Tapes," that the Government has been listening to him not only during interrogations conducted by the CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Defense, but also during his time engaged in candid conversation in military prison at Guantanamo Bay with at least one other detainee. 

The contents of the recordings are classified, and they have not been mentioned to the jury in Mr. Ghailani’s trial, which has entered its third week. The existence of the recordings themselves suggest that the government has had another source of intelligence about detainees and proposes the issue of whether these statements may be admissible in a civilian Article III court. 

Jonathan Hafetz, a national security law expert at Seton Hall University, is quoted saying that Ghailani's case “shows the variety of different purposes for which recordings might be used” in civilian court. It is not known how many other detainees’ conversations have been similarly recorded.

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