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Judge Says Key Figure in Embassies Bombing Case Isn’t Credible

Oct 15th, 2010 AIII Courts, Ghailani

A New York Times article entitled "Judge Says Key Figure in Embassies Bombing Case Isn't Credible," published yesterday, October 14, 2010, reports that a key witness who was to testify in Ghailani's trye was accused by Judge Lewis Kaplan of making false statements about why he decided to cooperate with authorities. 

The witness, Hussein Abebe, was already barred by Judge Kaplan earlier last week. In his decision made public yesterday Judge Kaplan elaborated upon his reasoning, concluding that Abebe feared being arrested if he did not cooperate. Judge Kaplan wrote: 

"He was no volunteer. Quite the contrary. He was induced to testify only out of fear of the consequences of not doing so, including possible prosecution and conceivably, worse."

Concluding that Abebe's testimony "cannot be squared with the facts, and thus "false," Kaplan rejected the idea that Ghailani's interrogation was made voluntarily and admitting his testimony would violate the defendant's constitutional rights.

For the full text of yesterday's article, click here

A link to Judge Kaplan's complete opinion is available here

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