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Justice Through The Looking Glass

An article published online today in The Atlantic, entitled "Justice Through the Looking Glass," discusses  the case of Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Uthman, whose release from custody was ordered earlier this year by Judge Henry Kennedy Jr.

In that case, Judge Kennedy "effectively demolished the credibility of many government witnesses" and noted enormous discrepancies int he government's case. The ruling was published, withdrawn, then re-published with the better amount of the ruling stricken from public view. Notes the writer, "[t]he redactions were not solely to prevent release of classified information, but to omit the key findings of the case against the government. Some were obvious attempts to mislead." 

The article notes one disturbing offering that is proffered by ProPublica's Dafna Linzer:

"The government maintains that Uthman was in Afghanistan to fight for bin Laden; Uthman has claimed he went there to teach the Quran to children. Some facts of his story are not in dispute, some critical ones are. They look different depending on which of Kennedy's two opinions you read. Kennedy's original opinion noted that Uthman was seized in Parachinar; that he reached the town after an eight-day trek from the Afghan town of Khost, nowhere near Tora Bora; and that his journey to Pakistan began around Dec. 8, 2001. Those facts make it difficult to portray Uthman as a fighter in a battle that took place between Dec. 12 and Dec. 17 at Tora Bora. Two footnotes in the original opinion note that the government does not contest that Uthman was taken into custody in Parachinar. Both were removed in the second opinion and Kennedy substituted wording to write instead that Uthman admitted he was seized "in late 2001 in the general vicinity of Tora Bora, Afghanistan."

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