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Always tweaking its script, FBI sting nets another

Nov 30th, 2010 defenses

An article published by The Washington Post entitled, "Always Tweaking its Script, FBI Sting Nets Another," reports that the FBI has gathered yet another terrorism suspect in the person of Mohamed Mohamud.  The Post reports that while the government has a track record that has made undercover stings one of the government's go-to strategies in terrorism cases, the tactic is not without its critics: "Each arrest has been followed by allegations of entrapment and claims that the government is enticing Muslims to become terrorists, selling them phony explosives, then arresting them."

The Post reports:

They told him he didn't have to kill to be a good Muslim. He could just pray. A bomb was a very serious matter, they said. Kids might be killed. Time and again, they offered a way out. 

At a hotel in downtown Portland, Ore., in July, the two undercover FBI agents listened as Mohamud explained his dream of detonating a car bomb during the city's Christmas celebration. They offered to help, if Mohamud was sure he wanted to go through with it.

"You always have a choice," one of the agents said, according to court documents. "You understand? With us, you always have a choice."

For the full text of the article, click here.

See also, an article published by The New York Times entitled "In Terrorism Stings, Questions of Entrapment," posted on this blog earlier today, Tuesday November 30, 2010. 

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