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Defense Calls Embassy Bombing Defendant ‘Dupe’ and ‘Fall Guy’

The New York Law Journal reports yesterday (November 10, 2010), in an article entitled "Defense Calls Embassy Bombing Defendant "Dupe" and "Fall Guy," that defense lawyer Peter Quijano provided an impassioned defense of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani yesterday, telling a jury that his client was part of a "long parade of dupes" used by al-Qaeda in the conspiracy to bomb two U.S. embassies in Africa twelve years ago. 

The New York Law Journal writes:

The missing element in the government's case, Mr. Quijano said, was actual proof that Mr. Ghailani (always "Ahmed" to the defense lawyer) knowingly and willingly joined the conspiracy. "Ahmed did not know," he said. "Ahmed did nothing with the knowledge that his actions would help with the bombings of two U.S. embassies and the loss of hundreds of lives. Ahmed did not know."

Mr. Quijano relied heavily in his argument on outlining the prosecution's burden of proof: 

"There's so much doubt," Mr. Quijano said later, his voice elevating. "There…is…so…much…doubt! And I only have to raise one."

Southern District Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Farbiarz fired back on rebuttal at what he derided as the "whole dupe theory."

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