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Ghailani Had Blasting Cap in Home, FBI Agent Says

In an article entitled "Ghailani Had Blasting Cap in Home, FBI Agent Says," Bloomberg reports on November 1, 2010 that Gerald Bamel, a retired special agent with the FBI testified today about a search conducted by FBI and Tanzanian police agents. 

The search, conducted in Dar es Salaam where Ghailani lived, revealed an explosive blasting cap found in a padlocked cupboard. The silver, cylindrical object with a protruding white white wire was found while searching the right side of a wooden cabinet located in a bedroom in the house. 

“I took the white wire and grabbed it to see what it was,” Bamel told the federal jury. “It was a blasting cap. I was afraid that it would detonate in my hands and blow my hand off, so I immediately let go of it.”

On cross, Steve Zissou, Ghailani's attorney, elicited from the retired FBI agent the fact that he didn’t know if Tanzanian authorities had secured 215 Amani Street from being contaminated during the three days between when they first entered the home on Aug. 26 and when he found the blasting cap on Aug. 29th.

For the full text of today's article, including more details surrounding evidence discovered in Dar es Salaam, click here

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