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Doing It On the Heels of A Conviction

In an article entitled "Extreme divide on terror issues," Politico reports on November 9, 2010 that decisions regarding the treatment of alleged terrorists that have been deferred by the Obama Administration for months, are not expected to come to a head in the coming weeks. 

Human rights advocates, like Elisa Massimino of Human Rights First, are pushing for Obama to act. Massimino is quoted:

“They’ve identified a bunch of cases that are amenable to trial in civilian court, but they haven’t acted on it, except in one case. … Those things ought to start moving,” said Elisa Massimino of Human Rights First. “It’s not going to get any easier. … You’ve got a choice between a festering sore or you rip the Band-Aid off.”

“Do it on the heels of a conviction,” Massimino said. “Nothing defuses the hysteria more than just going about the business of demonstrating success. … The best way to push back is: just do it.”

Massimino believes  a good time to announce new civilian court prosecutions would be in the coming days, after jurors in New York return a verdict in the case of Ahmed Ghailani. Closing arguments are currently under way this week for Ghailani.

One barrier that currently stands in the way of the administration bringing forward more detainees is legislative language attached to a series of funding bills since 2009. That language provides that Obama is obliged to give 45 days advance notice to Congress before bringing anyone held in the prison to the U.S.. 

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