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Prosecution, Defense Rest in Ghailani Bombing Trial

A Business Week article published yesterday, November 3, 2010, entitled "Prosecution, Defense Rest in Ghailani Bombing Trial," reports that the Defense has now also rested in the trial of Ahmed Ghailani.

Ghailani’s lawyers did not call any witnesses yesterday. His lawyers instead showed jurors a series of documents describing searches of his home and interviews with witnesses. The stipulations took about half an hour.

The defense’s evidence included a statement from Tanzanian officials that when they first searched Ghailani’s residence on Aug. 26, 1998, they didn’t find a blasting cap which FBI agents testified finding three days later on Aug. 29, 1998. The defense said that the Tanzanians themselves said they didn’t secure the house to prevent anyone from entering the room where the explosive was found.

Ghailani’s lawyer, Steven Zissou, argues that Ghailani was innocent and had been tricked by friends who fled after the attacks. Zissou contends that his client didn’t knowingly participate in the attacks and didn’t share the goals of the group.

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