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Soldier’s widow testifies in Omar Khadr hearing

The Miami Herald reports on Friday, October 29, 2010, in an article entitled "Soldier's widow testifies in Omar Khadr hearing," that a soldier's widow testified for the first time in Canadian teen terrorist Omar Khadr's military trial, telling him he will "forever be a murderer."

Tabitha Speer shook her head as Khadr, the former child soldier now age 24 said, "I'm really, really sorry for the pain I caused your family."

The question now remains, to quote the Herald, "[w]ill the seven senior U.S. military officers accept a government expert's opinion that Khadr is unrepentant, and will become even more militant as the prayer leader in the company of hardened radical jihadists?" 

Khadr, for his part, told the jury of career as U.S. Army, Marine and Navy officers the words that, for them, were meant to demonstrate he was being held accountable: "I decided to plead guilty to take responsibility for the acts I've done." As he stood and turned to his victim's widow he said, "I wish I coudl do something that would take this pain away from you."

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