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WikiLeaks: Guantanamo Detainees

Over the last several days, multiple news organizations have examined the WikiLeaks cables' descriptions of U.S. efforts to relocate Guantanamo detainees. 

The cables show U.S. officials offering incentives for taking in detainees. In a New York Times article published on November 29, 2010 entitled "Cables Depict U.S. Haggling to Clear Guantanamo," reports that: 

"Slovenia, seeking a meeting with President Obama, was encouraged to “do more” on detainee resettlement if it wanted to “attract higher-level attention from Washington”; its prime minister later “linked acceptance of detainees to ‘a 20-minute meeting’ ” with the president, but the session — and the prisoner transfer — never happened. The Maldives tied acceptance of prisoners to American help in obtaining International Monetary Fund assistance, while the Bush administration offered the Pacific nation of Kiribati “an incentive package” of $3 million to take 17 Chinese Muslim detainees, the cables show. In discussions about creating a rehabilitation program for its own citizens, the president of Yemen repeatedly asked Mr. Brennan, “How many dollars will the U.S. bring?”

Similarly, Der Spiegel reports, in an article entitled "Haggling with Allies over New Homes for Detainees," that “[o]ne US dispatch contains the analysis that Germany’s ‘reluctance about [accepting] Uighurs is due to the expected negative reaction of the Chinese government.’”

ABC News reports in an article entitled "Wikileaks: Saudi King Urged Gitmo Chip Implants to Track Them 'Like Horses, Falcons," that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah proposed that the Obama administration implant electronic microchips into the bodies of Guantanamo Bay detainees to track their movements when they are released. Abdullah also suggested Bluetooth technology could be used to keep tabs on the men. The idea was raised in March 2009 in a meeting with White House counterterrorism advisor John Brennan in Riyadh. 


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