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Proposed Legislation: The CIPA Reform and Improvement Act

Senator Cardin has introduced a bill to update and reform CIPA.  The full text is available here: (Download Bill CIPA). Also available is a page from the Congressional Record,  containing the introductory comments explaining the bill: (Download Congressional Record CIPA). The key passage summarizing the bill’s aims: “…I am introducing the CIPA Reform and Improvement […]

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House blocks US trial of Guantanamo detainees

The Associated Press reports on December 9, in an article entitled "House blocks US trial of Guantanamo detainees," that House Democrats have approved legislation preventing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other detainees at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay from being transferred to the U.S. for trials in criminal courts. The Guantanamo ban was included in a […]

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US Terror Trials Face Major Challenges – VOA

08 December 2010, Peter Fedynsky, VOA Correspondent[All text, audio and video material produced exclusively by the Voice of America is in the public domain. Credit for any use of VOA material should be given to, Voice of America, or VOA.] 2011 will mark 10 years since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United […]

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Suit Over Targeted Killings Is Thrown Out

In an article entitled "Suit Over Targeted Killings is Thrown Out," The New York Times reports yesterday that Judge John Bates, threw out a lawsuit that had sought to block the American government from trying to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, the United States citizen and Muslim cleric in hiding overseas who is accused of helping to plan attacks […]

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Jurors in ’01 Bombings Case Sympathize With Pressures on Recent Panel

Benjamin Weiser's Sunday December 5 article published in The New York Times entitled "Jurors in '01 Bombings Case Sympathize with Pressures on Recent Panel," discusses parallels between the jury that returned a verdict for Ahmed Ghailani in November and the jurors who sat on a similar trial stemming from the a conspiracy charge in the […]

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Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

The Washington Post reports on Sunday, December 5, 2010 in an article entitled "Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque," that FBI agency officials, in the spotlight after the Bureau's recent use of informants to prevent another terrorist strike, have said that they are careful not to violate civil liberties and do […]

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Dec 5th, 2010 defenses

FBI Terror Stings and the Entrapment Defense

In an article entitled "A Defense that Could be Obsolete," published yesterday, December 1, 2010, the New York Times reports on law enforcement tactics in suspected terrorism stings and attempts by defendants to raise the entrapment defense.  Karen Greenberg, executive director of the Center of Law and Security at the N.Y.U. School of Law, is […]

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Dec 2nd, 2010 defenses

Proposal for A Permanent Hybrid Court for Terrorism

The Social Science Research Network lists a forthcoming article in the American University International Law Review entitled "A Permanent Hybrid Court for Terrorism."  Unfortunately, the article itself is not yet posted.  The abstract, however, looks to be very relevant to our course. As a response to the international and national equities in effective prosecution of […]

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New Charges For Father of NY Subway Bomb Plotter

The father of Najibullah Zazi, who pleaded guilty in February to plotting to bomb the New York City subway in 2009, had new charges filed against him Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn. Mohammad Wali Zazi, 54, had already been indicted on one charge of obstruction of justice in connection with the case. According to […]

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