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Proposal for A Permanent Hybrid Court for Terrorism

The Social Science Research Network lists a forthcoming article in the American University International Law Review entitled "A Permanent Hybrid Court for Terrorism."  Unfortunately, the article itself is not yet posted.  The abstract, however, looks to be very relevant to our course.

As a response to the international and national equities in effective prosecution of terrorism, this article proposes the creation of a permanent hybrid court that will mix international and national laws. Temporary hybrid courts have been used in the past in response to specific atrocities; a permanent hybrid court would be the first of its kind. A permanent hybrid court could either define the crime of terrorism once and for all, or incorporate numerous existing treaties on terrorism by reference. A permanent hybrid court need not even be utilized for terrorism alone, as suggested in this paper, it could be adapted to handle all kinds of "transnational crime." This article details several suggested parameters for a "Special Court for Counterterrorism," from the selection of judges to issues of jurisdiction, and includes a full draft statute.

The "permalink" for the article is:  Presumably, eventually, the full article will be available there for download.

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