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Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

Dec 5th, 2010 defenses

The Washington Post reports on Sunday, December 5, 2010 in an article entitled "Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque," that FBI agency officials, in the spotlight after the Bureau's recent use of informants to prevent another terrorist strike, have said that they are careful not to violate civil liberties and do not target Muslims.

The article reports, in one instance,  that undercover FBI informant Craig Monteilh has spied on dozens of worshipers at the Islamic Center of Irvine in a quest for potential terrorists. However, "Monteilh's mission as an informant backfired. Muslims were so alarmed by his talk of violent jihad that they obtained a restraining order against him."  

Another case Monteilh sought to help build also collapsed. Reports the Post: 

"The Justice Department recently took the extraordinary step of dropping charges against the worshiper, who Monteilh had caught on tape agreeing to blow up buildings, law enforcement officials said. Prosecutors had portrayed the man as a dire threat."

Monteilh, who has not gone public, has compounded the damage as he seeks to reveal secret FBI methods that were employed to "entrap Muslims as he infiltrated their mosques, homes and businesses." 

"The community feels betrayed," said Shakeel Syed, executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, an umbrella group of more than 75 mosques."

For the full text of Sunday's article, click here


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