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Embassy Bombing Suspect Was Told of Plot, Filing Says

Jan 17th, 2011 Ghailani

The New York Times reports January 14, 2011, in an article entitled "Embassy Bombing Suspect Was Told of Plot, Filing Says," that federal prosecutors allege Ahmed Ghailani, convicted on a sole count of conspiracy in connection with the 1998 East Africa U.S. Embassy bombings and acquitted on more than 280 other counts, was told of the plot about a week before the bombings occurred, according to a court filing.

CenterLine blog reports:

"Prosecutors say that Ghailani told U.S. interrogators before he was brought into the civilian justice system that a plotter told him of the plans, and that “because he had not been given his Miranda warnings or a lawyer,” according to the NYT report, those statements were not introduced at trial. But the government alleges the statements can be used at sentencing because, as Ghailani’s lawyer told the jury that the defendant was duped into assisting in the plot, the government contends he has not taken responsibility for his role and therefore should not be granted leniency at sentencing. Ghailani faces a minimum of 20 years; the government has requested a life sentence. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for January 25."

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