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Ghailani Judge Ready to Back Conviction

Jan 22nd, 2011 Ghailani

At a hearing in federal court in New York Thursday, Judge Lewis Kaplan appeared skeptical of defense arguments that the sole conviction against Ahmed Ghailani in connection with the U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa should be reversed or that a new trial should be granted, according to reports.

According to the Times, in response to defense arguments that Ghailani’s sole conviction could not be reconciled with the more than 280 acquittals in the case, “Judge Kaplan made clear that the Supreme Court had long held that verdicts, however inconsistent, needed to be considered separately.”

For the New York Times article on the new developments, see Judge Suggests Evidence in Terror Case Supports

The Boston Globe reports that Judge Kaplan said at one point, “I don’t understand you at all,’’ to a defense attorney, and also “asked whether it was possible that ‘any inconsistency there might be in this verdict, if there is any, is the acquittals, not the conviction.’”

For the Boston Globe article, see Judge Rejects Bid to Toss Terror Conviction

A ruling on the defense motions is expected Monday. Ghailani is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.

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