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KSM’s Murder Confession Corroborated

Jan 20th, 2011 KSM

For years I have been playing in my classes the audio recording of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession during his Combatant Status Review Tribunal hearing at GITMO.  Often, discussion followed about whether the extensive confession is credible.  Today, CNN reports that one portion of it — in which he claims to have personally cut off Daniel Pearl's head — is strongly corroborated by forensic evidence:

The new report erases any doubts that Mohammed personally carried out the beheading.

FBI agents and CIA officials used a technique called vein-matching to compare the hand of the killer with a photo of Mohammed's hand, according to the report.

The full article, entitled "Report: Senior al Qaeda leader personally beheaded Daniel Pearl" and dated 1/20/2011 can be read at this link.

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