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Man Sentenced to 15 Years for JFK Bomb Plot

Abdel Nur, a Guyanese citizen who pleaded guilty to aiding a 2007 plot to bomb New York’s JFK Airport, was sentenced to the maximum 15 years in prison Thursday.  

Last month, a convicted conspirator in the case, Abdul Kadir, was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the plot. A third convicted conspirator, Russell Defreitas, is due to be sentenced next month, and a fourth defendant is awaiting trial.

The New York Times reports:

“Mr. Nur was accused by federal prosecutors of advancing the plot by trying to find Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, an operative and explosives expert for al Qaeda, and by seeking the help of Yasin Abu Bakr, a leader of a hard-line Islamist group, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, which had tried to overthrow the government of Trinidad and Tobago in 1990.”

For the New York Times article, click "15-Year Sentence for Conspirator in Airport Plot." 

BBC Reports:

"Nur believed that the attack would cause extensive damage to the airport and to the New York economy, as well as the loss of numerous lives," the US justice department said after the sentencing on Thursday in New York City.

For the full text of the BBC article, click "Abdul Nur Sentenced in New York JFK Airport Fuel Plot."


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