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An international coalition for Guantanamo

An op-ed piece published in the Washington Post yesterday, Friday February 25, entitled "An international coalition for Guantanamo," belies the point that [t]here is no answer to "what's next" for terrorist detention efforts."

Marisa Porges writes, "This focus on detainees who are already in custody has drowned out a more important discussion: What about detainees yet to be captured? Panetta might as well have said: Of course the world's most notorious terrorist would be transferred to Guantanamo if he were caught – where else could he go?" 

Porges partial answer lies in a redefinition of the "we" in how we (traditionally the U.S.) prosecutes terrorism. She writes: "[r]ather than debating simply whether to shut Guantanamo or transfer the remaining detainees to the continental United States, we should discuss a third option. We should focus on rewriting Guantanamo's future so it is more acceptable worldwide. We should focus, in other words, on internationalizing Guantanamo."

For the full text of her op-ed piece, click here

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