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Hank Crumpton’s Keynote Address at the Texas International Law Journal’s Symposium on Air & Missile Warfare

Posted yesterday, February 15, on Lawfare blog, and available here, Robert Chesney discusses Hank Crumpton's keynote address at the Texas International Law Journal's Symposium on Air and Missile Warfare.

Crumpton was sworn in as Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the Department of State with the rank of Ambassador-at- Large on August 2, 2005. Chesney notes that "the most interesting passage, as I noted yesterday, occurs when Mike Lewis asks Ambassador Crumpton about CIA compliance with IHL when it comes to drone strikes."

The exchange is reposted below:

Q: “What sort of law of war training do the CIA operators get within, you know, proportionality, military necessity requirements for the strikes?”

 A: “On 9/11 not much.  We were, we were at war.  To reinforce our weakness, we brought in the military, including legal counsel, both in our shop and also through telecommunications.  We had a real interagency task force, if you will, with CENTCOM involved, the Pentagon, helping us, making sure we were going down the right path.  Now also bear in mind there’s covert action law, very specific, and that we knew.” 

The video is reposted here for review.  The quoted passage begins around the 42:00 mark.  

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