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House Passes Patriot Act Extension

On Monday, the House of Representatives passed a nine-month extension for three Patriot Act provisions.

According to the New York Times, these provisions extend the FBI’s ability to “to get ‘roving wiretap’ court orders allowing them to follow terrorism suspects who switch phone numbers or providers; to get orders allowing them to seize ‘any tangible things’ relevant to a security investigation, like a business’s customer records; and to get national-security wiretap orders against non-citizen suspects who are not connected to any foreign power,”

For the full text of the NY Times article, click House Votes to Extend Patriot Act.

The provisions, which will now be valid through December 8 if the Senate passes the extension, passed the House with a simple majority, 275 to 144.

For the Wall Street Journal article concerning the extension, click House Extends Key Provisions of Patriot Act.

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