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How to Close Guantánamo

An article published February 24, 2011 in The Economist entitled "How to Close Guantanamo: Maybe that has become the wrong question for Barack Obama," asks whether the fact that the facility remains open is truly a blemish on Obama's presidency in light of the his rhetoric in early 2009.

The Economist cites the views of Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the  Brookings Institution and Lawfare Blog contributor  "who has started to argue (most recently in a book, “Detention and Denial”) that since Mr Obama seems unable or unwilling to close Guantánamo, he should have the courage to try something new. He should keep it open, but make it into a model of how democracies ought to handle suspected terrorists."

The Economist writes:

"So here is his proposal. Mr Wittes would like Mr Obama to say that since Congress has made closure impossible, he will work to make Guantánamo “a symbol not of excess, not of lawlessness and evasion of judicial review, but of detention under the rule of law”. In addition, he should commit himself to bringing to Guantánamo all the counter-terrorism detainees America captures anywhere in the world whom it means to hold in military detention for a protracted period, thus ensuring that they benefit from the legal standards established at Guantánamo."

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