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“Jihad Jane” Pleads Guilty to Terror Charges

Colleen LaRose, known in the media as ‘Jihad Jane’ after the Internet handles she used, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that she provided material support to terrorists and plotted to kill a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Muhammed, according to reports. LaRose, of Pennsburg, Pa., faces life in prison for the four federal charges. She is to be sentenced March 3.

NPR reports, in an article entitled "Jihad Jane Pleads Guilty in Terrorism Plot":

"'There's no evidence she received training anywhere. There's no evidence she was following anyone's orders or directions," [Bruce] Hoffman says [Hoffman studies terrorism at Georgetown University]. "But nonetheless, even this person, let's say, on the margins of terrorism, I think, in a very short span of time, I think was able to pull together at least the bare bones of a plot.'

A plot that went like this: LaRose, using the handles Fatima or Jihad Jane, urged other people, especially American women, to travel overseas to wage jihad."

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