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Prospects for closing Guantanamo ‘very, very low’

According to multiple reports, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday that the likelihood of President Obama being able to close the prison at Guantanamo was “very, very low given the very broad opposition to doing that here in the Congress."

When asked what the United States would do about detaining high-value targets, CNN reports that Gates responded “I think the honest answer to that is, we don’t know….If we capture them outside the area where we are at war and are not covered by the existing war authorizations, one possibility is for a person to be in the custody of their home government. Another possibility is that we bring them to the United States."

For the full text of the CNN article, click Gates: Prospects for Closing Guantanamo 'Very, Very Low.'

For the full text of a Bloomberg article on the same topic, click Gates Says Chances ‘Low’ Obama Can Close Guantanamo.

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