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Defense Lawyers at Guantanamo Protest New Procedures

The Miami Herald reports that military defense lawyers are protesting a recently issued order that they sign off on new ground rules on what they can and can’t say to their detainee clients and to the public.

The new rules mandate that “a lawyer needs the CIA’s blessing simply to ask a captive about a confession the CIA claims he made at a secret overseas interrogation site,” prevents them “from saying, ‘That’s classified,’ as an explanation for why they can’t answer a question,” and “does not let an attorney use discretion on what constitutes legal reading material” for detainees, among other new rules.

According to the Miami Herald, “[d]efense lawyers were given until Monday to sign the new rules, prompting a protest by the Chief Defense Counsel Marine Col. Jeffrey Colwell, who said Friday afternoon the Pentagon was delaying implementation” of the 26-page order on new procedures.

“Broadly, Colwell wrote, the document ‘unreasonably and unlawfully interferes with the attorney-client relationship’ between the captives in the Guantanamo camps and American defense lawyers in uniform of their enemy.”

For the full text of the Miami Herald article, click here

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