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Pakistan Condemns Drone Strikes

Pakistan’s army issued a rare rebuke Thursday of U.S. drone strikes that reportedly killed as many as 40 people in Pakistan’s northwest.

According to reports, General Ashfaq Kayani said that a U.S. drone had “carelessly and callously targeted” civilians in the attack, and that “[i]n complete violation of human rights, such acts of violence take us away from our objective of elimination of terrorism." According to Pakistan's Dawn newspaper, Pakistan’s prime minister also condemned the strikes, saying they “only strengthen hands of radical and extremist elements."  AFP reports that Pakistan’s foreign secretary has demanded an apology from the U.S. ambassador in Pakistan, and the Punjab Assembly reportedly passed a resolution condemning drone strikes.

U.S. officials reject the notion that most of those killed were civilians. The New York Times quotes an unnamed U.S. official as saying that “These people weren’t gathering for a bake sale….They were terrorists.” Similarly, the Wall Street Journal quotes an unnamed U.S. official as saying “These guys were terrorists, not the local men’s glee club.”

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