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Britain’s Military Examines Drone Ethics

According to the GuardianBritain’s Ministry of Defence commissioned an in-house study last month examining the ethics of drones and is urging policymakers to consider norms and rules that would govern the use of the rapidly developing technology and robotic warfare.

The Guardian report states that “the recent extensive use of unmanned aircraft over Pakistan and Yemen may already herald a new era,” and that “every time a mistake is made,” insurgents are able to cast themselves “in the role of underdog and the west as a cowardly bully that is unwilling to risk his own troops, but is happy to kill remotely.”

The report continues that the authors hope policymakers will engage in a conversation about the implications of remote warfare, including whether individuals operating drones are considered combatants.

Drone Strikes Prompt MoD to Ponder Ethics of Killer Robots (Guardian)
UK Defense Ministry: Sort Out Drone Ethics or ‘Risk Our Humanity’ (Wired’s Danger Room)

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