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Canadian Court Holds Hearing Over Extradition of Omar Khadr’s Brother to U.S.

A Canadian court heard arguments last week, April 7, regarding whether a U.S. extradition request for the brother of Omar Khadr, the detainee who pleaded guilty at a Guantanamo tribunal late last year, should be reinstated.

According to the Toronto Star, Abdullah Khadr is wanted in Boston on charges of obtaining weapons for al Qaeda. Khadr’s extradition to the U.S. was halted last year when a Canadian judge concluded “the United States government worked in concert with Pakistan’s intelligence service in denying Khadr access to consular officials and delaying his return to Toronto after he was arrested in Islamabad in 2004 as part of an intelligence-gathering operation."

The federal government contends that an Ontario judge jeopardized the national security of Canada and “the international community” by freeing alleged Al Qaeda collaborator Abdullah Khadr.

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Don’t Let Khadr Brother Walk Free, Court Urged (Toronto Star)

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