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Classified Guantanamo Documents: Interactive Links

The New York Times has published several documents that it reports are the Government’s Guide to Assessing Detainees, including a ‘threat matrix’ – including advice on code words, cover stories, locations, etc – intended to help interrogators and analysts determine whether the detainee was a high- or low-level threat to the United States. (This document is also available via NPR.)

The Government’s Guide to Assessing Prisoners (NYT)
Guantanamo Document: Threat Matrix (NPR)

The New York Times’  infographic The Guantanamo Docket has been updated with additional information from the detainee assessments.

The Guantanamo Docket (NYT)

Additionally, NPR has compiled several nfographics on the citizenship of detainees, the risk assessment of released detainees, and how many released detainees are suspected of engaging in terrorism after their release. The New York Times has also compiled an infographic on former detainees later believed to have engaged in terrorism and whether they were judged ‘high risk’ prior to their release.

Tracking the Guantanamo Detainees (NPR)
Released from Guantanamo, They Took Up Arms (NYT)


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