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Human Right’s First Gabor Rona on Nashiri Charges

An article written by Human Rights First’s Gabor Rona weighs in on the military commission charges against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri.

Rona writes that “[t]hese charges provide a perfect teachable moment about what’s wrong with military commissions and why prosecution of al Nashiri is better left to the regular, federal criminal courts.‬ ” He argues that “[w]hat the government says here is that al Nashiri is a war criminal for attacking the Cole. But if the Cole attack was in a war, then it’s not a war crime because under the laws of war, the USS Cole is a legitimate military objective, as are the sailors on the vessel.” That and other legal issues “will be raised in the military commissions, causing much confusion and delay, whereas they would present no obstacle in federal courts. ”

Some Thoughts on al Nashiri and Military Commissions while Waiting for the Grown-Ups to Take Over (Human Rights First: Gabor Rona)

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