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Khadr’s Lawyers Challenge Pentagon Witness in Plea for Clemency

In October of 2010, Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to five war crimes at a military commission in Guantanamo and received an eight-year sentence. Now, defense lawyers for Khadr are challenging the qualifications of a key Pentagon witness and seeking to have Khadr’s sentence cut in half to four years.

According to a letter sent to the military’s Convening Authority, defense lawyers claim that testimony by psychologist Michael Welner, who testified for the military that Khadr was a threat to society, was “unscientific” and “designed solely to inflame and mislead the jury,” according to the Toronto Star. Defense attorneys also allege that prosecutors threatened to withdraw Khadr’s plea deal if Welner’s qualifications were challenged at the commission.

Reportedly, prosecutors have filed a response with the Convening Authority and denied the defense’s allegations to the Associated Press without providing additional details. Khadr, who was brought to Guantanamo as a teenager and is now reportedly 24, is expected to be transferred to his native Canada later this year regardless of the outcome of the clemency appeal.

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