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2 Senators Accuse Justice Dept. of Twisting Patriot Act –

In a May 26, 2011 article entitled, 2 Senators Accuse Justice Dept. of Twisting Patriot Act, the New York Times reports that a bill passed 72 to 23 in the Senate and 250 to 153 in the House to extend three authorities for the conduct of intelligence investigations that were set to expire at midnight […]

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NYPD and the Manhattan DA Take the Lead in a Terrorism Case "Many a state enacted its own set of terrorism-related criminal laws in the aftermath of 9/11. These laws have largely gone unused, as most cases that might otherwise fall within their scope have been dealt with by federal prosecutors. But things were different […]

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Guantanamo Defense Attorney for the New Republic

Joseph Margulies, a Guantanamo defense attorney, writes at the New Republic that as competing narratives about the meaning and proper response to the 9/11 attacks continue to take shape, “the iconic images of the post-September 11 world — Guantanamo, waterboarding, military commissions, rendition, and countless others — are converted from policies that are either good […]

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Profile of FBI Director Mueller in Time Magazine

 FBI Director Robert Mueller, who will step down in September, is profiled in Time magazine’s lastest cover story. The writeup is an in-depth look at the man who has led the FBI for a decade and is credited with much of its modernization and reform after 9/11. The report also takes a close look at […]

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