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The Special Tribunal for Lebanon – Washington Post Commentary by SU Professor Crane

An August 16, 2011 Commentary in the Washington Post cowritten by Syracuse University College of Law Professor David Crane and by  former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda Carla Del Ponte calls for calls for the international community and involved governments to support the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

We know what it means to face long odds and extraordinary defiance in the pursuit of international justice. We succeeded in beating those odds, with historic results, because the international community supported us and governments honored their obligations despite formidable pressures. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon deserves no less.

Of particular interest to readers of this blog and its associated courses is that: "This is the first time an international tribunal has been created to deal with an act of terrorism."

You can read the entire commentary at Justice for Hariri’s killers requires the world’s support.


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