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Three U.S. Muslims convicted in terrorism case – LA Times

On October 13, 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported that after a three-week trial, a federal jury convicted three Muslim men of providing material support for terrorists and conspiring to kill, kidnap or maim unspecified people overseas.

The case originally began in 2009 with eight suspects. However, the alleged ringleader, Daniel Boyd and his two sons testified against the three co-defendants as part of a plea deal with the government. They are to be sentenced later this year. A trial for the seventh defendant, Anes Subasic has yet to be schedule, while the eight suspect, Kenan Mohammad is at large.

Over the course of a three-week trial, federal prosecutors presented evidence, including over 750 hours of video and audio surveillance, that supported its position that the three co-defendants raised financial support and trained with weapons to further a plot to kill enemies of Islam. After a two-day deliberation, the jury convicted Omar Aly Hassan, Ziyad Yaghi, and Hysen Sherifi of providing material support to terrorists. Additionally, Yaghi and Sherifi were convicted of conspiring to kill, kidnap or maim unspecified people overseas.

Sentencing is expected to take place in 90 days.

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