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Trooper testifies about FISA search of home – AP

According to an October 28, 2011 article by the Associated Press, the government called Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Sarrouf as its first witness in its case against Tarek Mehanna.

Trooper Sarrouf testified that during a 2006 court-authorized search of Mehanna's home, authorities recovered video tapes showing "jihadist scenes, combat scenes," from around the world. Among the videos recovered, included an interview with Osama bin Laden. While federal prosecutors assert that Mehanna was a member of al-Qaida's "media wing," his defense attorneys argue that he was merely exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

A seperate report from the Boston Globe states that, "the warrant for the search was authorized by a secret court."  That must have been the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

To read the entire Associated Press article, follow this link: Article.


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