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New York Police and the FBI Feud Over a Terrorist Case – WSJ

On November 26, 2011, the Wall Street Journal featured an opinion piece by Judith Miller of the Manhattan Institute.  In the article, Ms. Miller outlines her investigative findings regarding the on-going state prosecution of suspected terrorist, Jose Pimentel, also known as Muhamad Yusuf.  The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has charged Pimentel with "building pipe bombs to blow up police cars, post offices, veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and other targets."  According to Ms. Miller, if Pimentel is convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

In her article, Ms. Miller highlights the on-going tension between federal authorities (FBI and federal prosecutors) and state officials (namely, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and NYPD).  While the case is being prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office based on evidence accumulated by NYPD. Ms. Miller reports that federal authorities have declined to join the case, quoting that "there were too many holes in the case."  In response, an anonymous official defended the state's investigation, telling Ms. Miller "They tried to work their own source in and failed…If three pipe bombs exploding in New York city is not a threat, what is?"

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