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Witness in Mehanna’s trial says group discussed mall attack, shooting Ashcroft, Rice – Washington Post

On November 28, 2011, the Washington Post reported that Kareem Abu-zahra, a former friend of alleged terror supporter Tarek Mehanna, testified against Mehanna in court.  According to the Washington Post, Abu-zahra received immunity in exchange for his testimony. 

According to the article, Abu-zahra testified that he, Mehanna, and Ahmad Abousamra traveled overseas in 2004 in search of a terrorist training camp.  Moreover, according to the Washington Post, Abu-zahra further testified that the three "discussed shooting people at a shopping mall, attacking an Air Force base and shooting prominent U.S. officials."  Such individuals included former Bush Administration officials such as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Abu-zahra's testimony is expected to continue through Tuesday.

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