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Mehanna defense to sum up case – Boston Globe

According to a December 10, 2011 article in the Boston Globe, defense attorneys for suspected terror supporter Tarek Mehanna are expected to rest their case in the following week.  In its case, the defense has called several witnesses, including most recently Mohammad Fadel, an Islamic law specialist from the University of Toronto, who have testified that Mehanna's views are in contrast to those held by al Qaeda.

According to the article, Fadel testified that Mehanna's "spiritual beliefs" were at odds with al Qaeda's.  Fadel noted that "He [Mehanna] wrote about the most mundane topics of Islam, such as whether you should sleep on your left side, your right side, or on your stomach.  Mehanna's attorneys assert that he merely exercised his First Amendment rights and traveled to Yemen "in search of schools to further his studies of Islamic jurisprudence and Arabic language."

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