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Mehanna lawyers challenge analyst

On December 6, 2011, the Boston Globe reported that lawyers for suspected terror supporter Tarek Mehanna, attempted to "discredit a terrorism analysis who testified for prosecutors."  The government witness, Evan F. Kohlmann of Flashpoint Global Partners,

"decribed for proseuctors Al Qaeda's efforts to spread its message on the Internet, through the use of Web forums frequented by Muslims with extreme views."

According to the Boston Globe, federal prosecutors have sought to establish in their case-in-chief that Mehanna supported al-Qaeda by translating materials and posting them on an extremist website.

On cross-examination, Mehanna's attorney, J.W. Carney Jr. sought to discredit Kohlmann's credibility by questioning his qualifications as a "terrorist expert."  The Boston Globe reports that Kohlmann 

"…does not speak Arabic, and he has not taught at any academic institution. He does not have classified security clearance, and a good amount of his professional work stems from his undergraduate work…"

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