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Prosecution analyst outlines Al Qaeda strategy – Boston Globe

On December 3, 2011 the Boston Globe reported that Evan F. Kohlmann, a "self-described terror analyst," testified for the government in the on-going trial against suspected terror supported Tarek Mehanna.  The Boston Globe reports that Kohlmann is the last witness to testify for the government.

According to the article, Kohlmann "has researched and written extensively about terror networks and the mujahideen…He has interviewed members of terror networks and authored papers and a book…"  Moreover, according to the Boston Globe, he has testified before Congress and 20 times in federal court.  In turning the attention to the case in hand, Kohlmann stated "Every person who speaks on behalf of Al Qaeda has at one point or another called for support…from saying prayers, to producing videos, to helping out Al Qaeda's message."

While Kohlmann will not be able to give his opinion on the case in hand, prosecutors hope to use his outline of Al Qaeda to argue that Mehanna's actions were consistent with it.

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