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Yemen trip called a search for schooling – Boston Globe

According to a December 9, 2011 article in the Boston Globe, a Princeton University doctoral candidate testified for the defense in the case against suspected terror supporter Tarek Mehanna.

According to the article, Gregory Johnsen, a former Fulbright Fellow who lived in Yemen from 2003-2004, testified that "Al Qaeda had no significant presence and there were no training camps in Yemen around the time when Mehanna is accused of traveling to the Middle Eastern country to seek paramilitary training."  Johnsen argued that Mehanna instead "traveled to the country legitimately to seek schooling, as he has maintained."  The Boston Globe reports that Johnsen supported his opinion by noting that one of the leaders of a school that Mehanna alleges to have attended, "was diametrically opposed to Osama bin Laden." 

Yet according to the article, federal prosecutors argued on cross-examination that factions of Al Qaeda existed within the country, even after Yemen's government pushed the terrorist organization out of the country post-9/11 attacks.  Prosecutors maintain that Mehanna traveled to Yemen "in search of training so he could carry out jihad, or holy war, in support of Al Qaeda against US soldiers in Iraq."

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