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The ‘lone wolf’ — the unknowable face of terror – CNN

On February 18, 2012, CNN reported on the increasing threat that "lone wolf" terrorist pose on U.S. national security.  According to the article, "In the past two and a half years, 11 of the 17 Islamist terrorist plots on U.S. soil involved individuals with no ties to terrorist organizations or other co-conspirators." 

In assessing this phenomenon, experts point to "self-radicalization" on the Internet.  According to CNN, some "lone wolf" terrorists use online forums and web-pages to express their radical views.  Recently, As Sahab, the media arm of Al Qaeda released a video "encouraging followers to carry out acts of individual terrorism in the West."  In response to the threat, CNN reports that federal and local officials have increased efforts to reach out to the community in providing early warnings of threats. 

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