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Obama orders waivers to new rules on detaining terrorism suspects – Washington Post

On February 28, 2012, the Washington Post reported that the Obama Administration has issued "broad new waivers that allow U.S. law enforcement agencies to retain custody of al-Qaeda terrorism suspects rather than turn them over to the military."

The waivers are in response to a compromise that was reached on a controversial provision of the 2012 Defense Authorization Act that would have prohibited federal custody of suspected terrorists.  According to the article, under the new orders, military custody is waived under seven situations, including:

"When following it will impede counterterrorism cooperation or discourage an individual from cooperating or confessing; when a foreign government will not extradite a suspect if the United States places him in military custody; when a suspect is a legal permanent resident arrested for actions in the United States; and when an individual has been arrested by state or local law enforcement."

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