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Fighting Terrorism, French-Style – New York Times

Apr 3rd, 2012 Inteligence

On March 30, 2012 the New York Times featured an opinion piece that compared and contrasted the French and American approach to fighting terrorism. 

Commenting on the main difference between the two systems, the NY Times quoted Marc Trevidic, a French investigating magistrate for terrorism, who stated "In the United States, it is the system that counts; in France, it is the men."  Judge Trevidic's therefore distinguishes between the French method, which places significant emphasis on human intelligence (HUMINT) and the U.S.' approach which emphasizes more on "computerized monitoring of phone calls and the Internet."  The substantial differences in budgets (French intelligence officials have one-tenth the resources of their American counterparts) was attributed as one of the reasons for the distinctions in the article.  

The article additionally points to the more decentralized approach in the United States and the legal flexibilities afforded to French intelligence officials.

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