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Organizer of Subway Plot Testifies About Plan’s Evolution – NY Times

On the second day of suspected terrorist Adis Medunjanin's trial, the New York Times reported that the government's second witness, Najibullah Zazi testified.  Zazi and the government's first witness, Zarein Ahmedzay, pleaded guilty to their roles in a plot to bomb New York City.  They are testifying for the government as part of a plea bargain.

While much of Zazi's testimony mirrored Ahmedzay's estimony, Zazi testified that he and the two others traveled to Pakistan with the intent to "do jihad" against American soldiers in Afghanistan.  But according to the New York Times, Zazi

"added details about their radicalization, training in bomb-making and efforts to execute a suicide attack that federal officials have described as among the most dangerous plots since Sept. 11." 

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