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Terror’s ‘invisible women’ – LA Times

On April 4, 2012, the Los Angeles Time featured an opinion piece by Karla Cunningham of the RAND Corporation which analyzed the increase in female terrorists.

According to Cunningham, there has been an increase in the number of female jihadists in recent years.  This marks a sharp contrast from 2008, when a senior leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri, prohibited female bombers in the group.  Cunningham contributes the growing presence of female terrorists to the deaths of male jihadists, their ability to hide bombs, and the fact that they draw fewer suspicions.

Cunningham additionally notes that the U.S. has also witnessed a growing presence of home grown female terrorists, pointing to the 2009 case of "Jihad Jane." 

Ultimately, the author argues that

"As women step up their participation, terrorist-watchers need to keep face.  Terrorism's "invisible women" need to be counted and countered not only by the U.S. but by all countries that harbor them."

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