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Women found on both sides of terrorism fight – CNN

Apr 24th, 2012 Inteligence

According to an April 20, 2012 article on CNN's national security blog, women are increasingly playing a more significant role on both sides of terrorism.  According to Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the State Department, "[n]o fewer than 50 suicide attacks have been carried out by women in the past seven years."  The article notes that women choose to become suicide bombers for a number of reasons, including the loss of a husband or brother or the adoption of an extremist ideology. 

Yet while female terrorists are on the rise, policy makers are adjusting to the notion that women can be effective in stopping the spread of terrorism.  Moving forward, the article notes that the Bureau of Intelligence and Research is seeking to find ways to incorporate gender into its new policies.  Such programs could include "training women in national security measures and building the capacity of women in civil society so their message can be better heard."

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